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Learn About Property Management

What is property management?

Property management is essential to maximizing real estate investments. Residential and commercial property owners have unique needs and objectives. They face challenges with respect to financial and administrative responsibilities. Learn more »

Responsibilities of property managers

Property management is a highly complex operation. Issues related to finances, tenant needs, and property maintenance require constant attention. It's certainly more than one person can handle. Learn more »

How to select the right property manager?

There are many factors to consider when selecting a property manager. Since management companies cater to a variety of property needs, choosing the right property manager requires careful consideration. Learn more »

Understanding property management fees

Property management fees allow for the maintenance, rental, and general administration of property investments. A large number of responsibilities are placed in the hands of property management companies. Learn more »

How do property managers advertise properties?

Property managers don't just oversee the daily operations related to rent and maintenance. In order to get tenants to occupy the rental property, the right advertising must be put in place. Learn more »

Maintenance and repairs on rental properties

Maintenance and repair is an ongoing operation for property managers. There are many types of maintenance tasks that are required to sustain the value of the property for the owners and preserve functionality for the tenants. Learn more »

Selecting the best tenants for your properties

Finding the best tenants is essential to long-term property success. Although many regulations have been put in place to prevent discrimination, property owners and managers still reserve the right to ensure they choose tenants that... Learn more »

How do property managers handle evictions?

Property managers go through many steps to find the ideal tenants for their properties. However, they're often faced with having to evict those tenants for a number of possible reasons. Learn more »

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