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Rental Property Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and repair is an ongoing operation for property managers. There are many types of maintenance tasks that are required to sustain the value of the property for the owners and preserve functionality for the tenants.

Understanding what jobs are required helps property managers implement and oversee the work so that it is done correctly and at minimal cost. Routine maintenance can be performed as a preventive measure. Other less critical work can be deferred when properly assessed. This keeps costs low by avoiding any unnecessary work that can be scheduled for a later date.

Rental Property Maintenance and Repairs

Types of maintenance and repairs

Routine maintenance of rental property keeps tenants happy and is good for the owner's rental business. With the many responsibilities undertaken by property managers, maintenance work can sometimes be overlooked leading to more serious problems down the line. 

Regularly performed maintenance must be delegated and scheduled appropriately. Upkeep of common areas, as well as landscaping and inspections all, fall under the category of routine maintenance. This type of work prevents more serious issues such as heating or plumbing damage. By regularly inspecting the state of the property itself, managers can be aware of any potential hazards that will require even more cost. 

When we think of maintenance and repairs, what often comes up is the image of an emergency water leak or broken heating system. These are usually unexpected but can be minimized by the regular performance of maintenance work. Taking regular inventory of the building and equipment will help determine the tasks that are most necessary. This also gives the property manager the information needed to calculate costs and scheduling.

Common Maintenance and Repair Issues

Some of the more common issues related to the rental property include plumbing and drainage problems. Perhaps more than anything else, plumbing such as sinks and tubs are used frequently and most tenants are unaware of how to properly care for their drains. 

Problems associated with heating and cooling systems are also common areas of maintenance and repair. Performing regular maintenance work such as replacement of filters and annual testing of HVAC systems will help avoid this.

Getting the Work Done

One of the benefits of having a good property management team in place is that most have a valuable network of contractors who are licensed and insured. A good network will help secure good pricing and quality work that meets required standards and codes. Property managers can also gather multiple bids and check references to ensure quality work at competitive prices. 

As a cost-saving measure, managers and owners should keep records of all maintenance and repair work. This will help verify the frequency at which routine maintenance should be performed.

Through everyday use, age, and exposure to the elements, rental properties require constant care and upkeep. Property managers with a reputable network of contractors can be great contributions to the life of a rental property. As they continue to assess and evaluate the work that needs to be done they can appropriately plan for the future of rental properties.

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