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Frequently Asked Questions

What's sets PMD apart from other referral companies?

We provide a simple, straightforward pricing model. Our referral system is built around a philosophy of better quality, lower prices, and friendlier service. We also give you better tools to manage your referrals.

How much do your property management referrals cost?

Property managers receive referrals at no cost if they are a featured listing member. Free listing members pay a flat fee for any referral they accept from our network regardless of property type.

How does your system work?

Property owners search for property managers on our website by location or by specialty. Property managers are then displayed on our search results pages by member priority based on their membership levels. 

How are referrals for property managers generated?

Referrals are generated in one of two ways. Property owners have the ability to request property management quotes through our "Get Matched" forms or can schedule a consultation directly from the listing profile of the featured members.

How many referrals will I receive each month?

Lead volume is determined by a variety of factors, including location, listing order, property types, and property manager profiles. To increase the number of referrals you receive, we recommend the following, become a featured member, display customer reviews, and create a profile that sets you apart from the competition.

How will I be notified of when there is a new referral?

Emails are immediately sent to property managers who best match the details of the request. Those individuals may or may not choose to accept the referral. The emails will contain all the details that were provided to us. Upon accepting the referral, all the information needed to contact the property owners will be available.

How many property managers will receive the same referral?

If a property owner requests a consultation with your business directly, you will be the only person to receive that referral. If a property owner chooses our "Get Matched" feature, we send that referral to a maximum of three property managers.

What happens if I receive an invalid referral?

We do our best to screen all referrals that are sent to our members, however, if you ever receive a lead with inaccurate information or is a duplicate of a previous lead, simply notify us within 30 days and we will credit your account.